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Shemovement Interviews DJ Leecy T


  DJ Leecy T                         DJ Leecy T - Neon Green

By Traci Lee

Contributing Writer

SHEmovement is a focused on showcasing the talents of women in Hip Hop, both in front – and behind the scenes. We are extremely proud to have on our roster, some of the up and coming stars that are making moves in the world of Hip Hop. These rising stars are sure to slowly, but surely, put Hip Hop back on the map and in its rightful place. We ot a chance to sit down with DJ Leecy T – who The Source recently named as one of, “10 Female Hip Hop DJs Keeping The Culture Alive”. If you’ve listened to any of her music, or any number of her party mixes, you’ll quickly see why. And without further adieu…


Hey DJ Leecy T, thank you so much for your time. We are extremely thrilled to have you as our very first DJ interview. How are you feeling?


DJ Leecy T:

Great!  Thank you for asking. Enjoying the summer as much as I can out here in Brooklyn....More




A Discussion with Curator in Chief, Monie Love by LaQueena

Here is discussion we had with our Curator in Chief, Monie Love.

L: How did your Ladies First Organization spin off in to your “Let Girls B-Girls” campaign?
M: Well that did come about from the Ladies First but it took from 1989 (when Ladies First was first recorded) all the way up until about 2011...that's the time it took for me to get to this place mentally spiritually, and emotionally to decide to really begin spearheading some type of reconditioning and reintroduction to girls' innocence; for them to to realize their own promise they should have for themselves.  It took that much time and the reason I say that is because when I was eighteen or nineteen years old and Latifah and I were calling ourselves “Queens,” or were referring to each other as Asiatic Black women, this is what were all doing at that age. I just never thought that we would get to the days when we are calling each other “bad b*tches.” ....MORE




SHEradio Debuts on RAPstation                                       

by Hitsburg Pirate
June 30 @ 1203pm

   Along with the debut of comes the creation of SHEmovement radio. Called simply SHEradio for short it rotates a vast playlist of more than 100 artists and 250 songs and growing rotation highlighting the past, present and future of Women MCs and DJs worldwide.



Where Did All The Female Rappers Go?

L-R   DJ Jazzy Joyce, MC Peaches, MC Lyte, Michie Mee, Queen Latifah, Monie Love
by Erik Nielson

Nicki Minaj's commercial success over the last decade has stood as an exception to the unwritten rule that women rappers no longer have a place among elite artists.

2014, is the year female rappers are going to break their way back into the mainstream, ending a long period of silence for women in the industry.... MORE


Chrysta Monique Debuts SHEmovement Video

by HPWe also spoke with our visual director, Chysta Monique, about her take on the direction of the images of women in Hip-Hip.

L: How did Bay Sounds Productions come about?

C: Bay Sounds is a company I started a little bit before I became involved with SHEmovement and it is actually how I connected with Chuck D.  It began because attention to local artists is pretty much non-existent in the Bay area.  When I travel, there's only a small list of artists people mention when I tell them I'm from the Bay Area.  We have tons of talent here and that's why I started Bay Sounds Productions.

L: What has being the producer and host of SHEmovement Video been like? Where do we plan to take SHEmovementvids?

C: It has always been fullfulling to visually showcase the women in Hip Hip. We've always had a multitude of women in Hip Hop that have brought not only diversity but style to the game.  I want to bring that back as big as possible. It's a movement we all want to help grow and mature.  For me, it's not about being seen or being involved in the industry. It's about Hip-Hop. It's about preserving Hip-Hop. MORE


.crew grrl order / first lady (mixxes).



Hailing from Atlanta and North Carolina CREW GRRL ORDER has intended to make its mark
on the HipHop resurgence of women with this homage to the First Lady Michelle Obama.
The original theme produced by DJ Johnny JUICE Rosado and the REMIX by Eclectic Method as well as a very important video as well. 6 years of Obama this trio is ahead of the time stating that its never too late to pay R-E-S-P-E-C-T to something good and somebody great.


LaQueena of SHEmovment had a chance to sit down with the first ladies of Chuck D's SlamJamz Records, Crew Grrl Order.  There is nothing but positivity coming from these three emcees.  They embody all that SHEmovement will bring back to the world of Hip Hop and beyond.

Lady Payne: I am so proud of all of you ladies.

LaQueena: Thank you. I am so proud of all of us and the fact that all of you are so pretty. I love you all's look individually and collectively.

CGO: Thank you very much. I think that's kinda what we were going for. We definitely wanted to represent every type of woman or more so that every woman is not the same. We are not a cookie cutter group.


SHEmovement is a GLOBAL celebration of ALL WOMENS contributions to Hip Hop Culture & Music,providing a portal for all things progressive inspirational and EMPOWERING. The worldwide Hip Hop interconnection of SISTERHOOD is SHEmovement!





 By Chrysta Monique

The moment…a small club with dim lighting.  The only image is the Emcee surrounding by the spotlight ripping the hell out of the mic. The DJ scratching effortlessly, bass ripping a hole through your chest and the pure energy of the crowd throwing their hands in the air vibin' to the beat.  For no apparent reason at all during this excitement I glance around to see if anyone was as hype as I was, surely they were, but I also saw something that surprised me a little.  There were about 10 females, myself included sprinkled amongst the crowd  MORE


RAVEN THE BLAZIN EURASIAN Readies For The SHEmovement Invasion


By LaQueena

LaQueena : Tell us all about how you became a part of SHEmovement.

RAVEN the BLAZIN Eurasian : What I deliver directly to SHEradio, is “Hip Hop Queenz.” How it started, well I was the content producer of the National Museum of Hip-Hop launch; that's actually where I met Chuck D. That was back in 2010.  Prior to that, I was doing content production/work for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, Brooklyn Bodega Radio and BodegaTV. I was also doing various video pieces for at the time. It's ironic, because at that time too, Chuck had a web/radio show called “Hip-Hop Gods.” I had watched a couple episodes of “Hip-Hop Gods,” and I remember seeing a lot of Hip-Hop artists on it that I really revered, like Steele from Smif-n-Wessun, and several other guys. I immediately wanted to contribute, because I noticed there were no women on the show.  So, it was ironic because that even before meeting Chuck, I had seen him on “Hip-Hop Gods,” and felt like their needed to be...MORE      




SHEtracks TOP 20

1. Lady Of Rage feat DJ Premier / Chemical Burn /Los Angeles /
2.  Sa-Roc feat David Banner / The Who? / Washington Dc / AVX Records / Sol Messiah Music
3.  Mc Lyte / Cravin / New York City / Loudbox Entertainment / Sunni Gyrl Inc.
4.  RAHdigga w Chuck D Marco Polo / Storm Comin / New Jersey/
5.  Eve ft. Miss Kitty / Eve / Philly / From The Rib Music
6.  Rapsody / Betty Shabazz /  North Carolina / Jamla Records
7.  Cocoa Bella / Rock It  / New York City / Fly Girl
8.   Amy True / Supersonic / London UK / True Music
9.   Miss NaNa / Cuffin Season / New Jersey / Free Agent
10.  Angel Haze / Battle Cry / New York City / Republic Records,
11. Michie Mee / Stand Right Beside HIM' ft: JDEra/ Toronto Canada / Bahdgyal Meechie
12. Ana Tijoux featuring Shadia Mansour - Somos Sur (Chile & Palestine/UK)
13. Kiki Banks / LIFE / Atlanta Boston
14.  Crew Grrl Order / First Lady / Charlotte-Atlanta / SLAMjamz
15. Red Shaydez Feat Essien / Vibin & Coolin / Boston /  Red Shaydez
16.  Farrah Burns / Cool Like That / New York City / Independent
17.  Kin4Life / Make Up Girl / New York City / Noriq Records
18.  D'flemon / Revelation / New Jersey / Parental Advisory
19. Dynasty - Stay Shinin' Feat. Talib Kweli / New York City / Feel Good
20. Trina / Long Heels Red Bottoms / Florida / Slip N Slide Records



.rah digga f marco polo,chuck d  / storm comin.




Rah Digga returns with some wise words for up and coming MC’s on the new single “Storm Comin” produced by Marco Polo with an outro from the legendary Chuck D. The recording combines the time-honored talents of two respected lyricists and one of the best working producers. Rah Digga discusses maneuvering in the industry and details her career choices, which flew in the face of the popular route chosen by a number of her female contemporaries whose careers were carefully built around the motto of “sex sells.” As one might expect, Rah Digga does not mince words as she delivers a potent message for sisters approaching careers in entertainment. Chuck D jumps on the track to reinforce the hard truths with a message that encourages listeners to invest in themselves and the practice of raising better sons and daughters. His statements follow his recent criticisms of urban radio and its negative impact upon communities of color. Check the track below to listen to “Storm Comin” from Rah Digga. Purchase the single via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more.




.amy true /  release.


The track is about letting go of negative hang ups and past troubles in your life how ever hard it may seem so you can  release the positive with in and move on.







     .kiki banks /life.

Ms Kiki 'Piggy Banks drops this stunner of a great song and video with a message to peep and follow. A tale of trial through life while speaking on the tragedy of love caught in the USA Prison Industrial Complex.







    .toni blackman / rhymes.    

Out of Washington DC now and Earthwide ,Toni Blackman spits the true truth like few outher. Total package that she is, RHYMES simply challenges MCS man woman whoever about working the craft into high art and leaving low art to busters...                                        




.michie mee / no complaints.

    Mich No Complaints

The Canadian 'groundbreaking pioneer' still cuts like a knife with her sharp rhymes. This song is one of optimism without looking back with any regrets. That given she continues to bring the noise in the so called male turf of HipHop like few other fighters ...ever.







.lyrical candy / get ready.


Candie Garcia gets the song and party started Lyrical candy by creating an event with her flow and great words. This New Jerseyite is called 'The One Lady Crew' and the edgy sound and soul of this record alone makes her a force to be reckoned with on







.femi fatale / loafing.

 The Up tempo single from rapper artist Femi Fatale "Loafing" Is a swagged out and jovial way of letting the world know that
through skillful and witty story telling abilities, she will stand the test of time as all great icons that came before in music and left of greatness.


 Official SHEmovement poster by Darren Holtom
 On The Shoot  ; Aaliyah , Lil Kim , Missy Elliot and Da Brat
Pepa Canadian HIP HOP Queen Michie Mee and Salt from Salt N Pepa backstage in Toronto
.classic material.

Wendy Clark, better known by her stage name Lady B, is an American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is one of the earliest female rappers in hip hop, and one of the first to record a studio album. She began her career with the WHAT radio station in 1979, and recorded her first single later that year, "To the Beat Y'all".

Music and radio career

In 1984, Lady B moved to Philadelphia's Power 99 FM and started the program, "The Street Beat," the program ran until 1989. She broadcasted for Sirius Satellite Radio in New York City, and WRNB 100.3. in Philadelphia.

The She Rockers were a female hip hop trio from London, the most famous member of which was Betty Boo (born Alison Moira Clarkson, 6 March 1970, Kensington, London).

The group released a number of singles on the Jive Records label, and also released songs on the Music of Life label,[1] including the Hard as Hell series. "Give It A Rest", their first single for Music of Life, was produced by Public Enemy's Professor Griff after the She Rockers—Donna McConnell, Alison Clarkson and Dupe Fagbesa—performed an impromptu rap to Public Enemy at their local McDonald's in Shepherd's Bush, London.[1]

Following Clarkson and Fagbesa's departure from the group in 1989, founding member McConnell (She-Roc) joined forces with original band member Antonia Jolly (Aurra), and landed a recording contract with Jive Records, releasing the singles "Jam It Jam", and the album, Rockers from London (Jive, 1990). "Jam It Jam" reached #58 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1990.[2]