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A Discussion with Curator in Chief, Monie Love

by LaQueena

Here is discussion we had with our Curator in Chief, Monie Love.

L: How did your Ladies First Organization spin off in to your “Let Girls B-Girls” campaign?
M: Well that did come about from the Ladies First but it took from 1989 (when Ladies First was first recorded) all the way up until about 2011...that's the time it took for me to get to this place mentally spiritually, and emotionally to decide to really begin spearheading some type of reconditioning and reintroduction to girls' innocence; for them to to realize their own promise they should have for themselves.  It took that much time and the reason I say that is because when I was eighteen or nineteen years old and Latifah and I were calling ourselves “Queens,” or were referring to each other as Asiatic Black women, this is what were all doing at that age. I just never thought that we would get to the days when we are calling each other “bad b*tches.” ....MORE



Old School 76Old School '76 - SHEradio Program Manager


We are here with the heartbeat of SHEradio Andrew Woods aka Mr. Old School '76! He has always been our most beloved key to the best of the best females in Hip Hop all over the world. We got a chance to sit down with him to get the 411 on the roots of SHEmovement...


LaQueena: How long have you been involved with SHEmovement?


Drew: Since October 2010, I've been a major contributor to SHEmovement. Back then it was just like a test run just to see how many female deejays and emcees would actually support the movement. A lot of artists made artist profile pages with videos, music, news uploaded—there was a lot of support to the movement back in 2010. So, I played a big part in it from the ground up..the foundation....More







     Official SHEmovement poster by Darren Holtom

                                        Hip Hop Queen Michie Mee and Salt from Salt N Pepa backstage in Toronto


 On The Shoot  ; Aaliyah , Lil Kim , Missy Elliot and Da Brat 

















Latifah & Monie

SHEmovement is a GLOBAL celebration of ALL WOMENS contributions to Hip Hop Culture & Music,providing a portal for all things progressive inspirational and EMPOWERING. The worldwide Hip Hop interconnection of SISTERHOOD is SHEmovement!

       La Queena

Val Jones

Caption: Val “Da Oracle” Jones..the original Hip Hop Junkie

SHE Interviews Val Jones - "Da Oracle"

By LaQueena

Griot, poet, broadcaster, writer, author, professional speaker, and theater performer, known by many worldwide as "Da Oracle," Val Jones is a natural at engaging a crowd and making an audience laugh and think.

 Val has a unique presence on stage and an alluring radio sound.  Satirical and lyrical, challenging and charming, she has performed with The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, Marion Meadows, Bob Baldwin, Chip Shearin, Ray Codrington, Reggie Codrington and Kirby "PhunkPlayah" Hamilton as well as many others and has been entertaining crowds, emceeing and broadcasting for over 30 years. Val continues to set trends, break music, challenges mindsets, break stereotypes and broadcasts to the world with a style and voice all of her own. We got a change to sit down with her this week to catch up on how she continues to #MoveTheCrowd.  


LaQueena: How long have you been working in radio?

Val: I've been in radio broadcasting since 1984. I started out in rock radio, then moved on to Urban. It's amazing that even then, I was told that I wasn't "black enough" at times because I have always had a cross-over appeal. I can be Public Enemy and Gil Scott Heron all day....More



Shemovement Interviews DJ Leecy T


  DJ Leecy T  

By Traci Lee

Contributing Writer

SHEmovement is a focused on showcasing the talents of women in Hip Hop, both in front – and behind the scenes. We are extremely proud to have on our roster, some of the up and coming stars that are making moves in the world of Hip Hop. These rising stars are sure to slowly, but surely, put Hip Hop back on the map and in its rightful place. We ot a chance to sit down with DJ Leecy T – who The Source recently named as one of, “10 Female Hip Hop DJs Keeping The Culture Alive”. If you’ve listened to any of her music, or any number of her party mixes, you’ll quickly see why. And without further adieu…


Hey DJ Leecy T, thank you so much for your time. We are extremely thrilled to have you as our very first DJ interview. How are you feeling?


DJ Leecy T:

Great!  Thank you for asking. Enjoying the summer as much as I can out here in Brooklyn....More





1. Lady Of Rage feat DJ Premier / Chemical Burn /Los Angeles /
2.  Sa-Roc feat David Banner / The Who? / Washington Dc / AVX Records / Sol Messiah Music
3.  Mc Lyte / Cravin / New York City / Loudbox Entertainment / Sunni Gyrl Inc.
4.  RAHdigga w Chuck D Marco Polo / Storm Comin / New Jersey/
5.  Eve ft. Miss Kitty / Eve / Philly / From The Rib Music
6.  Rapsody / Betty Shabazz /  North Carolina / Jamla Records
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